Macdonald Hotels and Resorts

Macdonald Hotels and Resorts offer luxury accommodation, fine dining and magnificent spa and beauty facilities. We have worked with Entertainment 51 as the Headline Sponsor for several events over the last few years.

We can confirm that they have always delivered what they promised and we found working with them to be an absolute pleasure which enabled us to create more brand exposure to different demographics than our usual Guests.

Their team are focused on helping us to maximise customer satisfaction and I can confirm that their events are very well organised and successful.

We have no hesitation in working with them again as well as recommending them in the hospitality space.

Lydia Cunningham
Director of Sales
Macdonald Hotels and Resorts

Seabright Productions

Seabright Productions are independent commercial theatre producers and have enjoyed working with Entertainment 51 on our immersive production of Trainspotting, innovatively staged in a non-traditional performance space at the Mayfield Depot, Manchester.

Entertainment 51 supported us in the production creating a first-class bar service with bespoke cocktails. We are happy to confirm that they always delivered exceptionally high standards, as promised, and we found it a real pleasure to work alongside them.

Their team allowed us to maximise our customers experience and satisfaction and can confirm that their events are so well organised that they seamlessly fit into our existing operation. This meant we could focus on delivering the production with no need to worry about this often time consuming and labour-intensive side of bringing the public into a performance space.

We have no hesitation in recommending them as our go-to bar providers for all relevant events going forward.

Johnny Wood
General Manager and Associate Producer
Seabright Productions

Halewood Wines & Spirits

Halewood have worked alongside Entertainment 51 for a couple of years now as drink sponsor for several of their immersive cinemas in Manchester and the Spirit of Liverpool festival in 2018. Working alongside the team, we created bespoke menus, cocktails and drink serves to cater to the cinema goers and branded up the bar areas.

The whole process throughout was professional and a real joy to work alongside the Entertainment 51 team.

Emily Cross
Brand Manager
Halewood Wines & Spirits

Arden & Moore

We would highly recommend Entertainment 51 because they care so much about making the best project possible.

They are a joy to bounce ideas off of and are very determined to deliver everything they said they would in a timely, cost effective and artistically brilliant manner.

All in all, they are trustworthy, straight-talking and hardworking.

Sarah Arden and Thomas Moore
Arden & Moore


Dappledown is a family-run business operating since 1895. We offer a delicious range of fresh popcorn and candyfloss made daily on-site.

We have worked with Entertainment 51 over the last few years, which include the pop-up cinemas for the Christmas and Valentine’s events.

They have always delivered on what they promised, and my team and I found working with them to be an absolute pleasure.

Their team is focused on helping us to maximise profitability and grow our presence in the events space, as our main shop is located in the Trafford Centre.

We have no hesitation in working with them in the future and would be happy to recommend them to other Vendors.

Byrne Harris

Go Get Stuffed

Go Get Stuffed is a vibrant, innovative street food catering company. We offer a delicious range of food using locally sourced ingredients. We have something for everyone and offer vegan, gluten free and lactose free alternatives.

We have worked with Entertainment 51 on many occasions over the past few years.

They have always been incredibly supportive and hands-on to ensure the events run as smoothly as possible for us.

We found them a joy to work with and will continue to work with them in the future as they really care about us, our product and everyone involved.

Their team is focussed on helping us to maximise customer satisfaction and profitability. I would definitely recommend them.

Adrian Rolleston
Go Get Stuffed

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